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Words from the Cape

Working with Words

We offer a comprehensive range of editing, writing, research and translation services. Some reasons why you should make use of our services:

  • Whether you are a postgraduate student, a freelance writer, an NGO, or a large corporate, you need to communicate clearly and effectively with your target audience. (See page on Plain English.)
  • Our consultants are experienced language practitioners with masters or doctoral qualifications.
  • We offer a quick, efficient and professional service. We will provide a quote within 48 hours, based on the information that you supply (see our ‘Request a Quote’ form).
  • We offer four levels of editing: you decide (in consultation with us) exactly what you need, and you get what you pay for!

We are based in Observatory, Cape Town.
To find out more, go to:
OBSERVATORY COMMUNITY WEBSITE: Be the change you want to see . . .